2019 is coming up quick, so here’s some thoughts, confessions, and explanations, as well as what to watch out for in the year ahead here at Catalyst in the spirit of transparency to our friends and supporters.

First the confessions.
This is a small time operation, we run with the extremely part-time help of a total of four people across two continents. This means that even though we try our best, we are often a little less organized than would be optimal, progress happens slower than we’d like, and of course, we make mistakes.

One big mistake in 2018 was overestimating our capacity to get the Clear X Cut EPs and pre-order packages shipped and delivered in Europe on time. There were huge delays we didn’t foresee and people ended up waiting way longer than they should have. That really sucks, and I’d like to personally apologize for that. There are reasons for the mix up, but I know that if I were on the ordering end of that it definitely would have left me feeling a bit let down.

And an explanation.
There are two take aways here – one is that we were finally able to get the ordering / shipping process in Europe figured out and streamlined, so it should be a much less painful process going forward.

The second is that Catalyst Records needs to be a part time project by design. I don’t want Catalyst to be a full time job for me, or anyone else. I am 100% dedicated to keeping the label one that is focused on releasing bands that support the same causes and ideals the label was founded on: DIY hardcore, veganism and animal liberation, self-liberation through abstinence from intoxicants, and justice and equality for all beings. This is a small niche group of bands, with a small and niche group of people interested in them. To make Catalyst a “full-time” project would mean moving away from these ideals, to some extent or another, by necessity. That is a compromise I never want to make.

I would like to both thank everyone for their ongoing and continued support and enthusiasm, and ask that our supporters and comrades understand that we aren’t able to do things that larger labels can – we generally ship orders out once a week, and we definitely make mistakes logistically. We’re going to make mistakes, but we’re also going to do our absolute best.

Big thanks is also due to the other three people helping to keep things going here: Sal, Joe and Dan. If I was left to do all of the work necessary for the label myself in honestly the label wouldn’t exist in 2018.

The upcoming year.
With that said, we have a big year coming up, and 2018-2019 will end up being one of the most active periods in the label’s history, if not the most active, in regards to releases.

We already have at least five releases planned for 2019, including:

  • CR036 Clear X Cut : For the Wild at Heart Kept in Cages (LP)
  • CR037 The Final War : A vegan straight edge compilation (LP)
  • CR038 xConsumetoSatisfyx : self-titled (EP)
  • CR039 Moral Law : currently untitled (EP)
  • CR040 xDeclaracionx : self-titled (EP)
  • Potentially some early Catalyst release represses – first up may be the Birthright Ascension EP

This site.
IF I can get the time, I’m also hoping to implement some site updates as well in 2019, including more band info, videos, tour dates, etc. Stay tuned of that, hopefully we can make it happen in 2019.

I’ll wrap up by saying, once again, than you so much for all of the support over the years (decades) – I really see this label as a collaborative effort between those of us working on the label, the bands that we work with, and the people out there who continue to give a shit about the ideals the label supports. As with all DIY endeavors we couldn’t do any of this without you!