Since its inception in the early 90s, Catalyst has been a record label centered on lasting values while striving to adapt them to the changing times. Integrity is essential in this task, and maintaining it where adaptation is needed is vital, as any entity must which stays relevant, but most importantly, alive, in any evolutionary process. Ethics are equally prioritized, and a core component of the label’s functionality. Without them there is no substance to move ideas into action.

The DIY ethic is a cornerstone of Catalyst’s foundations, an uncompromising attitude towards participation in music vis a vis ideas which are given a platform to be shared with the scene, and hopefully, the world. The level of involvement is highly personal and as direct as possible while working with bands both in the US and internationally.

We work with people and bands who share the same values, passion, and dedication. The goal is to ensure that a positive impact remains after each release is put out. We stand by the message we help further, even after some no longer do.

For the injustices we can’t ignore, for the change we wish to see, for the undeniable kinship we share.


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