I’ve been going though a lot of stuff preparing for a move, and consolidating. In that process I’ve been uncovering a lot of things that I had totally forgotten (both good and bad). This week’s gem is a live recording of BIRTHRIGHT playing at the 1998/1999 Good Life Fest (on New Years eve) in Kortrijk, Belgium.

This was right after the release of the Out of Darkness EP on GoodLife, as well as all of the bands first time in Europe, so needless to say everyone was stoked to be there, despite the lack of sleep and arriving at the venue just in time to rush on stage.

It was also a little bit of an eye-opener to see how Good Life ran his business. He had supplied the band with some Birthright merch that GL had made, which was great. The downside was that he was also selling our merch, including the crewnecks that people really wanted over hoodies, a couple of blocks down the street. The band didn’t know that at the time most people in Europe seemed to prefer crewneck sweatshirts over hoodies, and we definitely didn’t get any of them to sell.

Anyway, a friend of the band had a mini-disk recorder at the show, and this is the result. Looks like there are a few songs missing, and starts mid-set. Of interest is the song The Illusion of Freedom, which Birthright never recorded, and later became a RISEN song with some minor adjustments.