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Beyond the Ruins (CD)


Gather was an Independent Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore Punk Band. Overtly political radical who were dedicated to spreading their beliefs, which is more than most modern hardcore bands can say for themselves.

Track Listing

  1. The Green Scare
  2. Dollar Signs To The Industry
  3. What You're Thankful For
  4. Who Belongs
  5. Crimson Dawn
  6. Glimpses Of Hope
  7. Power, Privilege, Wealth
  8. Changed Minds
  9. Domestication
  10. Chained To Weakness

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Product Description

The third release, and debut full-length from GATHER. Intelligent and thought-provoking straight edge vegan hardcore from Northern California. Intense, sincere and powerful -for fans of Earth Crisis, Risen, Chokehold, Purified in Blood, Point of No Return, Walls of Jericho, etc.

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